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Conceive Plus Review 2019 - Is Conceive Plus Really a Fertility Friendly Lubricant?

conceive plus review india
Conceive Plus 2019 Latest Review

Fertility Lube
Couples, who are planning to have babies often use fertility lube for getting pregnant. Lubricants help in increasing sexual pleasure in both the partners. They are often used by women who can’t get wet and hence don’t produce any natural lubricant.

Before we go on to conceive plus review, let us first understand the concept of conception

What is conceive plus? 

Conceive plus is a fertility lubricant that increases pleasure during sex and helps in conceiving the baby.

It can be applied on sexual organs 10-15 minutes before sex, through an applier that can be inserted into vagina. The lubricant simply increases the mutual penetration to permit more outcome based sex. It is fertility friendly and supports the movement of sperms.

Key Benefits of Conceive Plus
  • Patented
  • Mimics Natural Fertile Fluids
  • Calcium + Magnesium Ions
  • Clinically tested sperm friendly
  • pH balanced and Isotonic
  • Easy to use applicator
  • Supports Fertility

Does it really work?
The first question regarding a fertility lubricant is does it work? While searching about outcome of this product, a person is likely to come across many disturbing facts. For example, the major criticism is that such lubes are a way to postpone pregnancy for many reasons; first, they disturb the pH of uterus and turn it acidic making it difficult for sperm to survive. Secondly, they contain adhesive and preservative that make the man’s sperm difficult to swim. Hence, these two main reasons cause the lubricants to produce side effect, resulting in postponement of pregnancy.

Conceive plus contains two important ions Calcium and Magnesium. Both this ions have proven medicinal benefits in improving the activity of body systems. They ensure the viability of every body cell, and maintain a natural environment; Calcium and Magnesium are not present in all the lubricants.

In fact, they are a special feature of Conceive plus and mark its fertility friendly nature.
Now, the question arises, do all these lubricants have same side effects? The answer is no. We have Conceive Plus, a fertility lube which lacks preservatives and maintains an ideal pH, required by sperm to survive in uterus.

In case, ingredients and product details fail to provide a sufficient prove of efficacy, let’s know it from the people who use it.

In many countries, like sub-continent, where family system is much strong, a married woman’s first priority is to become mother as soon as possible (as per traditions).

If a couple feels difficulty in conceiving then it definitely, opts for fertility lube like Conceive Plus. 

Here is the experience of many users and whether they found this lubricant helpful or not.

Hannah Y. shared the she tried to conceive baby for 12 consecutive years. During this period she became pregnant almost three times but saw a miscarriage. She also cleared all the required tests to make sure that there was no complication. There came a time, when couple lost hope and adopted four foster kids. Even, this could not emancipate them from desire to have their own baby. Hannah finally decided to test Conceive plus after seeing it on Amazon. She used ovulation calculator to check for her cycle. Later, she applied this lubricant twice for intercourse during the ovulation period.

Luckily, she was pregnant in the first month of the use. Lady had a previous history of miscarriage and hence gave birth to her baby in 29th week. Despite pre-mature birth her son is alive and healthy like normal babies.

Charlotte L. shared her amazing experience of conceiving baby in first month of using the lubricant. She was trying to conceive her third babies for two years. After desperately paying frequent visits to the hospitals, a consultant recommended this product. Now, Charlotte L. is happily living with her three sons.

It is possible that woman may conceive their first baby after one intercourse; but they can feel trouble in becoming pregnant second or third babies. In this regard Conceive Plus is provides a family planning package. Apart from Charlotte who used this lubricant to become pregnant with her third baby, Kathleen had same sort of story to tell.

She expressed how hard they tried for 4 years to conceive their second baby. The couple also underwent many clinical examinations and tests but didn’t produce any positive results. Finally, they saw this lubricant online and decided to use it, considering its fertilization friendly aspects. 

Astonishingly, within first month of the use, Kathleen conceived her second baby. Now, the couple has completed its family.

There are those who are confused whether this lubricant is actually useful on not. Let’s check the story of A R Rodz Garza, who got pregnant within first month of use. Unfortunately, lady is not sure whether her pregnancy was a natural outcome or miracle was done by conceive plus.

But lady used this lubricant and didn’t saw a delay at least. Hence, this lubricant doesn’t limit the functionality of sperms, defying the prevalent myths.

There is no doubt that Conceive plus lubricant is quite supportive for pregnancy, still its use is not limited. Couples who don’t intend to conceive can use this lubricant for more pleasure. It is friendly with condoms, except in few cases, that are mentioned below.

conceive plus review 2019

Can it be used without doctor’s prescription?

Conceive plus is already recommended by the doctors and pharmacists in more than 60 countries. The lubricant is approved by FDA (Federal Drug Authority). Hence, doctor’s prescription is not required in general. In case you have any complex disorder or suffering from some physical illness then it is highly recommended to consult doctor, not only prior to using conceive plus but for every other medicine.

FDA has declared the lubricant compatible with gametes, embryo and fertilization process, hence there are no chances of any-side effects.

How to use conceive plus?

Basically, there conceive plus comes up in two packaging;

  1. In the form of a multi-use tube
  2. In the form of applicators

Both the methods are quite useful. It is recommended to use applicator before 10-15 minutes of intercourse. After this, both the partners can use lubricant from multi-user tube, in the same way, as they apply any other lube.

Applicators are specially designed for women. They are used to insert tube into vagina for producing more impact.

Using the tube

It is quite simple, first gently remove the seal and rub a desired quantity on penis or vagina. Multi-use tube can also work combine with intra vaginal applicators. In this case, results are more positive. 

Usually, partners are aware of exact quantity of lube they require, so they should apply the amount, they think is perfect to meet their requirements

Using applicators

  • Using pre-filled applicators is a bit tricky process and needs care. Ladies who have never used such insertions before must be familiar with the procedure.
  • First of all unbox applicator and carefully overhaul to look for any temper. Never use an applicator which is pinched or oozing out from the sides; this can be harmful.
  • To open the applicator, keep it in upward direction and gently discard the tab. After this carefully insert narrow side into vaginal cavity. Then press tube 2-3 times and empty applicator inside. An applicator usually contains enough lubricant for a single use. Even if you need less quantity then don’t use applicator again, it is only meant for using once.
  • After using pre-filled applicator, apply multi-use tube for better mutual penetration.
How to use Conceive Plus with condoms?

In case, the purpose of using this lubricant is not to become pregnant, then it can be used on condoms. Conceive Plus is quite compatible with the natural latex rubber, but using it with polyisoperene condoms can be dangerous, so it is better to avoid in such case.

Further, applicator should be inserted into condom, like one does for vaginal cavity. One should open applicator and use it like tube. It is also necessary to carefully apply lubricant on condom; otherwise it can tear down easily.

Pre-filled applicators are good for clinical use as well

The basic purpose to use a fertility lube is to get pregnant. If a lubricant like Conceive plus is harmless and recommended by doctors, then it is okay to use it for other purposes as well. One special function is observed in the clinical examinations. At times doctors need to place therapeutic and diagnostic devices inside the vaginal cavity for performing medicinal test. For their thorough insertion any harmless lubricant is always required. As conceive plus does no harm to vaginal cavity, hence it can be easily used for this purpose.

While using pre-filled application just to reduce the friction for instrument, a physician should make sure that it is sterile and free from any germs. Otherwise, surface is capable of taking in microbes that can cause inside infection.

Precautionary Measure
A user must know certain facts about this fertility lube and adopt certain precautionary measures, prior to use.

Here are the worth considering instructions for using these lubes.

  1. While using this product with condoms, bear in mind that it is only a lubricant and not a contraceptive. If doesn’t blocks the way of sperms or limits their functionality. Never use this lubricant with a condom which is likely to wear out during intercourse.
  2. There are no side effects of this product, in course of the main purpose. Irritation can occur in users with special illness. It is recommended to discontinue the use, if such reaction happens and contact the doctor for further instructions.
  3. Never use, if the applicator is already open or a tab is missing. A tampered tube readily disqualifies from being used.
  4. Make sure that lubricant is not in reach of the children. 
  5. Always store the product in particular conditions; for this purpose it is optimum to keep them between 2 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius. Simply, storing it in cool dry places is necessary.
  6. The lubricant is not compatible with synthetic polyisoperene condoms; hence avoid using with it.
  7. Conceive Plus applicator is designed for one time use only. Discard the applicator even if there is a usable quantity.
  8. Always keep a track of expiry date.

Using Lubricant with Syringes

Very often consumers think that depositing lubricant with the help of syringes would bring more benefit. This is wrong, if Conceive Plus can cause any harm then it is because, users are inserting it through syringes that are capable of leaving infection. 

In such cases, conception becomes quite difficult. Even if user succeeds in conceiving then chances of miscarriage always remain there. Hence, it is recommended to not use the conceive plus with syringes

Does it have any side effects?

Conceive Plus is a fertility friendly lubricant. The product is designed by doctors for couples who are trying to conceive naturally. Major issues that TTC couples face is the vagina; dryness, which causes immobility for sperms. Conceive Plus is a lubricant that maintains moisture required for sperm mobility and keeps the vaginal cavity wet.

When it comes to side effects, then there is nothing to site, with special reference to procedure. It is a sperm friendly liquid and only paves way for pregnancy. 

Yes, there are chances, that user can face itching and irritation; this is quite a common case with any other medicine. Patients, who already have complications with internal lining of vagina, must contact their doctors, prior to use. Otherwise, lubricant is approved by FDA and a normal healthy person can use it without proper prescription.

Where to Buy?

Accessing conceive plus is not much difficult task, one can buy this product, even without getting anyone know. Product sells on Amazon and easy to order. Just have a look at features and place your order, it would reach at your doorsteps in promised time.

amazon review conceive plus review

Conceive plus package includes an applicator and multi-use tube.

If you think that there are stores near you from which buying is convenient, then it is okay to go there. In case, you still have any reservations with product then take it to your physician for getting it verified, after your receive the order in home.


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